Friday, November 30, 2007


hmm. so this is what a blog feels like. i've decided to post all of my entries in the style of e.e. cummings- no capitals.
i don't believe in them and i think they're kind of a waste of time.
sadly, i stopped keeping a journal about four years ago. i have no record of adam and i's courtship, our wedding, the pregnancy months, james' birth, etc... i sometimes feel like my life isn't that exciting anymore. i have numerous journals filled with stories of adventure in europe and across the united states and into central america. i don't think my brain functions like it used to. when i read through some of my journal entries, i think, "man, i was a pretty decent writer." now, i'm lucky if i can remember how to spell basic words. i heard somewhere that a woman's brain shrinks up to 10% during pregnancy. i'm convinced at this point that that 10% is never coming back. i fully understand now why my mother could never seem to get my name right. she calls my son, her grandson, by her dog's name. and it happens all the time. and she doesn't have alzheimer's.