Monday, March 14, 2011


In case you wanted to know what's really been going on with us:

--The house is going to sell sometime this month. Just waiting for the inspection now. If they don't want us to fix anything (and with this couple it wouldn't surprise me if they want us to fix the whole house (and we're not fixing one single thing)) then we will be out in April and living in Adam's grandma's basement in Southeast Boise.

--Adam started a job at Platt Electric last Monday. It's just warehouse work so nothing he's excited about or anything but at least it's bringing in money.

--Adam has a job opportunity in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and since he's already interviewed with the company then all he has to do, most likely, is the final interview. I never thought in a million years that I would be dreaming of Sioux Falls but I am ready and willing to go anywhere right now for Adam to start a career.

--Registered James for kindergarten last week. He breezed right through all of the little 'tests.' I was so proud of him. I can't believe we've had him for FIVE years now. Amazing.

--I have been staying busy working from home, interviewing host families, working with my exchange students, and going to Vegas for "business." I know, it's a tough job but someone has to do it. As a side note, thankfully my Japanese student's family and friends are all safe and unaffected by the earthquake and tsunami.

--Going to see the Clumsy Lovers, a band I have close ties with, on St. Patrick's Day. Looking forward to dancing the night away. If anyone wants to come please do. The McCabe's bought their tickets today too. They are always a super fun band to see.

--We've been going to the library a lot, like twice a week. We are so ready for spring!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Viva la Tacky

The fountain show at the Bellagio. AMAZING! Definitely my favorite thing to see in Vegas. Absolutely beautiful. There was a show every 15 minutes and the fountain was choreographed to music. We must have watched it 6 or 7 times.

This was the fountain show looking down from the top of the fake Eiffel Tower.

EF paid for us to go to the cheesy, tacky wax museum. Not sure who in their right mind would spend their own money on this but since it was free we had fun.
I look way psycho. Love this picture.
Hmmm.... smells like... homewrecker.
Who doesn't love a Stature of Liberty made out of Jelly Bellies?
This salsa was soooo stinkin' good.

Ceiling inside the Bellagio.

Caeser's Palace... Our hotel.

Fountains, fountains everywhere.
He was wearing a bikini underneath.

So, to sum up Vegas-- a city of gluttony. I saw so many children there with their families and I have absolutely no idea why anyone would expose their children to such a worldly place. Porn everywhere-- on the ground, shoved in our faces as we walked down the street, on the sides of vans and buses, hanging on the buildings. I have no desire to go ever go back. I feel like I need to cleanse myself inside and out now.
At one point, we passed a group of young teenage boys who were there as a sports team and they had their adult chaperones with them. A few of them had collected these pornography cards that were scattered all over the ground and being handed out by a ton of people on the street. They were laughing and giggling over them. Adam and I walked up to them and said, "Boys, you don't need that stuff. How would your mom feel if she knew you had those?" They stopped laughing immediately and turned their heads away and looked down in shame and then walked away. They knew what they were doing was wrong.
There were high points and we did have fun walking through all of the hotels and watching the freakshow foot traffic. We saw a whole lot of skin on this trip. It's good to be home.