Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cruise Feb 2013

Adam and I have been very spoiled by my employer over the last few years. I started working as a coordinator for EF when Ruby was a newborn (2008) and since that time we have enjoyed all-expenses-paid vacations to the following places: Bermuda, Chicago, Boston, LA/Disneyland, Disneyworld, Las Vegas, and two cruises to the Bahamas. The above photos are from our latest jaunt to the Caribbean with a short stopover in Miami. We were gone five full days and the weather was depressingly cold and rainy for most of those days. I never would have imagined as I packed my bags that I would not use a drop of sunscreen or even get to wear shorts. That was a bummer. Adam and I were pretty bored most of the time as we didn't have our entourage with us on this voyage. (We were lucky enough to have my sisters and brother join us last time). It was a long time to be away from the kids and, in the end, wasn't worth all of the stress and anxiety involved with the preparation of leaving the kids for that long. But it was nice spending alone time with Adam and the absolute BEST part was getting to sleep all night and wake ANY TIME we wanted! Oh, and my awesome SIL sleep-trained Archie while we were gone. Best welcome home present ever!

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Jana said...

Bummer that the weather wasn't better, but yay for alone time with Adam and being able to sleep and coming home to a sleep-trained baby!! Will Mary Jo take Jack for a few days and perform the same miracle??